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Our service, team, and facilities were built to help you successfully navigate the world of apparel and merchandise.  Whether it's for your small (& big) business or your millions of fans around the world - we have your back covered.

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Take the complexity out of all the complexities! 

The plan provide our partners a similar functional infrastructure that established apparel brands build for themselves.

Our "From Concept to Customer" game plan was crafted to take the complex nature of running a merchandise program, both big of small scale, and simplify it so you can plug in to shirt happen without all the madness.  We love the madness because we're good at it.  You can focus on the things you wanna do and let us help with the rest.

Marinade Kangaroo Crews

As Spring approaches, we wanted to drop something with some flavor using Pantone 123c as our color of choice. 

Drop 01 for 2022 uses our "Kangaroo Crew" aka the hoodless hoodie, which is a crewneck sweatshirt that has a kangaroo pocket.  Usually, you only see this on hooded sweatshirts.    And sometimes, we just want a pocket and don't need a hood!

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Screen Printing

High quality old school printing

  • Traditional screen printing
  • Vibrant colors
  • Made to last
  • Scalable volume
  • Volume based pricing
  • A true art form

We operate the following machines...

  • 12-Color ROQ Automatic
  • 6-Color M&R Automatic
  • 6-Color Manual Press
  • 1-Color Tag automatic Printer


Threading the needle!

  • Upscale your garments
  • Up to 12-Colors
  • Beautiful details
  • Scaleable volume
  • Volume based pricing
  • Quick turn-around

We operate the following machines...

  • 36 total embroidery heads
  • Tajima 12-Head 12-Color embroidery machines

Digital Full Color

DTG & DTF Technologies

  • Low minimums
  • Full color, super vibrant
  • Great for photos
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Competitive pricing

Our DTG (Direct-to-Garment) and DTF (Direct-to-Film) technologies have enabled us to deliver the highest quality digital printing in the game.

With low minimums and the ability to use on a wide variety of fabrics, this is opening new doors for lots of people.

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