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Quickstrike Highlight - Fantastic Negrito Pray Please Tee


A couple weeks before the Grammy's, we got a text from our partner Fantastic Negrito, who was nominated for Best Contemporary Blues Album. He wanted a shirt that captured the anticipation. He loved this photo and we jumped into action to turn this into an awesome tee. We used a natural discharge print to keep it soft and to make it felt old schoooool!

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Quick Strike Highlight - Klay busts 3's and Kevin Pride busts tees


We love to eat using our own sauce. Over at the Shop, we are constantly practicing our craft. For this project, we are getting our recent team member @kevinpride up to speed on the creation process. In an effort to practice "speed" for our Quickstrike Program, we watched the Warrior's Klay Thompson bust an NBA record breaking 14 three pointers in just three quarters. Watch below as @kevinpride busts his own threes on his iPad. Pick up a tee here under our in-house brand called Marinade.

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Quickstrike - Beastmode x Dope Era x Brand Marinade


Brand Marinade x Dope Era x Beastmode

In 2017, we teamed up with two Oakland legends - Mistah F.A.B. and Marshawn Lynch.  This project went from and idea to concept to customer in three days.  Watch it unfold.

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Old Cool Revisited - Matt D'Avella & Asher Roth

This post is going to be a little trip down memory lane as we revisit some old school as two once "young bucks" sit at a table and Ground Up on a wide variety of topics.

I first met Matt D'Avella back in 2008 when we moved the headquarters of UNDRCRWN to Philadelphia, PA.  Before Philly, UNDRCRWN was literally a worldwide company with me (Jeremy) in Los Angeles, Dustin in New York, Pete in Taiwan.  Ironically, we were brought to Philly because of our group's AND1 Basketball connections.

(The Ben Franklin Bridge in Philadelphia, photo taken at 2am on a little Philly walkabout)

When we arrived in Philly, a whole new era in UNDRCRWN had begun.  My time there was perhaps short lived, but one thing I can say is the time spent in Philly was action packed and filled with lots of amazing people.  Living near and working with Set Free (now of The Compound) was awe inspiring to say the least.   I learned what a true Connector of people, places and...

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Special Projects: Bringing Rugby to Americans via The Rugby Channel


Brand Marinade is mostly known for printing shirts, building and managing ecommerce sites, designing cool stuff for schools, non-profits, celebrities, family reunions, plus shipping things all over the world and supporting them in the process.

But behind the scenes we do much more than that and one of the special projects we are very excited to work (every weekend) is for The Rugby Channel.

As a long time player, fan, supporter, coach, administrator of Rugby, this is an especially important project to be a part of.  When I was first introduced to the sport back in 1996/1997 while attending Occidental College, it came at the right time for me.  My football career came to an end my Freshman year when an untimely car accident made me rethink my priorities as a college student and I opted to leave the game of football.  I was a little tired of the military-esque feel and pressure Football added to my life.  The regimen, the attitude, the long days throughout the...

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Shirt Happens - Chapter 1: Disappointing Grad by En_jaja


 We are constantly amazed at the types of projects, people, organizations, and causes that we work with on a daily basis over here at Brand Marinade.  Each day is filled with a new, fun, and exciting challenge to Make Shirt Happen for someone.

This episode of Shirt Happens was developed and produced for a young woman named Enya (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter), who is affectionately known as En_jaja/Enjajaja/En_jajaja on her various social media channels.  And when we say "affectionately known" we mean, known by hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

The first project we worked on with Enya came just after she graduated High School earlier in the Summer of this year (2017).   She wanted to use a tshirt, designed by her and her brother, as a way to close a major chapter in her life, aka Chapter 1.

I can remember those days, and for me (Jeremy) that was in June of 1995.  The feeling of past, present, and future all collided into...

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Shirt Happens - The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Link Tee


Over the last couple years, we've had the pleasure of working on one of the coolest projects we can think of.  Talk about nostalgia - I remember when I was 12 years old and, when summertime hit there were two sets of things that were sure to happen...

  1. Baseball, playing in the parks around town, sleeping in til 9am, staying up past midnight.
  2. Playing Nintendo whenever we were not outside.

My cousin and I got so good at Super Mario Bros that we spent our time trying to break each others records... how fast could we beat the game, could we beat it in one life, could we find secret worlds and could we literally go bug-eyed in the process.

Then, we found The Legend of Zelda.  You know, the gold cartridge for the old 16-bit Nintendo Entertainment System aka the blow-in-the-console or wedge a cassette tape in to get games to work because you played the damn thing so much video game console?  Yeah that one.

Zelda became something no video game had ever become up until...

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Whiteboard Session: Drums & Ammo for Mahershala Ali

We had the pleasure of working with DJ Ammbush the day after the 2017 Academy Awards took place.  You know, the one where LaLa Land won the award for Best Picture but really didn't win?  Yeah, that one!

Well, Ammbush and Best Supporting Actor winner Mahershala Ali go way back.  Back before Ali released an album with the famed Heiroglyphics crew, which was well before he became a big time Oscar winning actor.

So, with that news fresh on our minds, our team gathered around our custom whiteboard tables and had a quick Whiteboard Session with Ammbush to design and create a "congratulations homie" gift he can give his long time friend.

This is the process and outcome of our quick Drums & Ammo collaboration...

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Welcome to The Clubhouse, Home of Brand Marinade

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2017

This is our blog!

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