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[Good Marinade] Bike Alameda with the Cooleys - A fundraiser for Alameda Meals on Wheels

alameda meals on wheels good marinade goodmarinade Oct 08, 2020

[Get their Bike Alameda T-shirt and support Alameda Meals on Wheels]

An opportunity to get a t-shirt on someone's back at the right time, for a good reason while supporting some of our folks is what it is all about.

The Cooley family in Alameda have been lots of things to me...

  • My friends
  • Parents of my friend
  • Parents of my brother's friend
  • Friends of my parents
  • My soccer coach
  • My brother's soccer coach
  • Volunteers on many organizations I've participated in
  • Co-workers at the Alameda Unified School District with my mom
  • Supporters of me and anything I ever do
  • Landscapers to my parent's home

So many things.  One of my favorite things about growing up in Alameda has always been the people and families of the island.  It's these people, Jack and Terri Cooley, that provided me the opportunities to grow up how I did.  The days of my youth in Alameda were filled with sports and good times thanks to the people.  They were coaches, team moms, team dads, dinner providers, rides to and from places, watchful eyes for my parents, and so much more.

When the Pandemic of 2020 hit our country, Jack and Terri took to their bikes.  I bet they crossed paths with my dad, who can always been seen riding around town on two wheels.  Jack and Terri did something a little different.  They made it a goal to bike every single street in Alameda together.

Their story got picked up by 'Live with Kelly & Ryan' and they were interviewed about their fun little adventures.

After their interview on 'Live with Kelly & Ryan' they got a call from our local ABC Channel 7 News and will be on today (Oct 8th) at 11AM.

Like I do, I threw out the idea of making Jack and Terri a fun shirt to commemorate their trip around the island.  Jack wears so many of the tees that I have made over the years.  He's definitely one my billboards and biggest supporters.  I love seeing a photo of Terri and Jack running around the world on an adventure, and seeing Jack wearing the "Travis the Rhino Tee" that I made to show my love for William "Travis" Travis, who was a central character in all of our lives for many years.  Travis passed away many years ago now, and seeing that shirt pop up brings a smile to my face every time Jack wears it.

So... with all that said.

I put together this quick design to share some love and give them another shirt to add to their dresser drawer that will always remind them of something awesome they did together, about our wonderful island, and potentially help raise some money for Alameda Meals on Wheels.

Head over to our Good Marinade to buy one of these tees to share some of the love and support three things in the process...

  1. Alameda Meals on Wheels - they will received 50% of the transaction as a donation by Good Marinade.  $25 T-shirt will generate $12.50 to their org.
  2. Brand Marinade - this is us.  We designed these, printed them, and will fulfill them.  $12.50 of each shirt will support the 21 full time jobs at our shop.
  3. Terri and Jack Cooley - By buying and wearing this shirt, you will help fill them with a little extra pride and love.  Wearing this around town will brighten their day, whatever day it may be.

"Bike Alameda with the Cooley's T-Shirt"