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Sharing Fina'denne' and Good Marinade through education & Chamoru Values

chamoru culture history values zoom Sep 16, 2020


At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, like many people around the world, I was searching for ways for me to spread a little love and education.  My collection of books on Chamoru history has been growing over the years.  Every time I come across a unique reference or citation of an account of Chamoru history, I track that book down and add it to my collection.

At some point in the summer of 2020, former University of Guam Professor, Michael Lujan Bevacqua, posted something of cultural significance to his Facebook page.  I made a comment like "Can you teach a course on these things?"  Basically asking a professor to teach a course to someone like me who is interested in Chamoru history and culture, in a non-formal educational setting.

Michael said "if you could gather 15 people I'd be happy to teach a course."

Well, on August 27, 2020, we had over 60 people registered for a free 5-week zoom course on five core Chamoru Values.

The course is titled:

I Hinasson Chamoru: The Chamoru Worldview as Expressed in Five Cultural Values

  1. The Value of Values...What the World Needs Now is Inagofli’e’
  2. Inafa'maolek - The Everything that Makes Everything Possible...And a Few Things it Isn't.
  3. Minesngon - The One Who Endures Much, is the One Who Wins in the End
  4. Minenhalom - The Poetry in our Stars and the Stars in our Poets
  5. Minatatnga - At the Right Moment, In the Right Light, the Latte Looks Like a Raised Fist

You can see the first week's course on Inagofli’e’ in this blog post above.

To get access to all 5 weeks, please visit and sign up for our free education program here.