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Special Projects: Bringing Rugby to Americans via The Rugby Channel


Brand Marinade is mostly known for printing shirts, building and managing ecommerce sites, designing cool stuff for schools, non-profits, celebrities, family reunions, plus shipping things all over the world and supporting them in the process.

But behind the scenes we do much more than that and one of the special projects we are very excited to work (every weekend) is for The Rugby Channel.

As a long time player, fan, supporter, coach, administrator of Rugby, this is an especially important project to be a part of.  When I was first introduced to the sport back in 1996/1997 while attending Occidental College, it came at the right time for me.  My football career came to an end my Freshman year when an untimely car accident made me rethink my priorities as a college student and I opted to leave the game of football.  I was a little tired of the military-esque feel and pressure Football added to my life.  The regimen, the attitude, the long days throughout the...

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