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Shirt Happens - Chapter 1: Disappointing Grad by En_jaja


 We are constantly amazed at the types of projects, people, organizations, and causes that we work with on a daily basis over here at Brand Marinade.  Each day is filled with a new, fun, and exciting challenge to Make Shirt Happen for someone.

This episode of Shirt Happens was developed and produced for a young woman named Enya (Instagram, YouTube, Twitter), who is affectionately known as En_jaja/Enjajaja/En_jajaja on her various social media channels.  And when we say "affectionately known" we mean, known by hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of thousands of people worldwide.

The first project we worked on with Enya came just after she graduated High School earlier in the Summer of this year (2017).   She wanted to use a tshirt, designed by her and her brother, as a way to close a major chapter in her life, aka Chapter 1.

I can remember those days, and for me (Jeremy) that was in June of 1995.  The feeling of past, present, and future all collided into...

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