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Shirt Happens - The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses Link Tee


Over the last couple years, we've had the pleasure of working on one of the coolest projects we can think of.  Talk about nostalgia - I remember when I was 12 years old and, when summertime hit there were two sets of things that were sure to happen...

  1. Baseball, playing in the parks around town, sleeping in til 9am, staying up past midnight.
  2. Playing Nintendo whenever we were not outside.

My cousin and I got so good at Super Mario Bros that we spent our time trying to break each others records... how fast could we beat the game, could we beat it in one life, could we find secret worlds and could we literally go bug-eyed in the process.

Then, we found The Legend of Zelda.  You know, the gold cartridge for the old 16-bit Nintendo Entertainment System aka the blow-in-the-console or wedge a cassette tape in to get games to work because you played the damn thing so much video game console?  Yeah that one.

Zelda became something no video game had ever become up until...

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