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At the core of our shop is screen printing.  It is not rocket science, but it is a tried and true art form that our team has been practicing for decades.  We hand print each garment and think of ourselves as Craft Printers who can print 1 unit or 20,000 units.  We are local craftsmen and will provide you with a top-notch service from start-to-finish.

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Screen Printing

We have a 12-color, 16-station automatic screen printing machine that is the foundation of our shop, named Beastmode.  It just so happens our first print job on this machine was for Beastmode.  We also operate several manual presses for our more artisan jobs and small runs.


DTG printing came onto the scene pretty fast over the last couple years.  This print method is great for complex art on small print runs.  We can turn jobs around quick and cost effectively.  There are some limitations.  Give us a shout and we'll help you navigate the right solution!

Digital & Offset

Posters, business cards, catalogs, magazine, coloring books... we have printed them all.  We added these services because so many of our clients and partners were managing multi vendors for their projects and we realized it was a great way for us to add more value and expand our service.


Nothing upscales a product more than embroidery.  If you need polos for your company, all-weather jackets for your team give us a shout.  But, the hottest item lately are hats.  Let us put together your next project on our two 12-head Tajima embroidery machines.

Retail Finishing

Selling tees in the retail environment requires a couple extra special touches at times.  Folding & bagging, hang tags, size stickers, barcodes... all those things are required for big box retailers.  We've printed and shipped to some of the world's biggest retailers and they all have different requirements.

Inventory & Fulfillment

Who loves boxes cluttering up their living room or office space?  Nobody!

We can handle inventory storage and management in addition to wholesale and white labeled shipping direct to your customers.   Easy and pain free.

ROQ YOU XL 12/16

This machine is our pride and joy at the shop.  We installed it brand new in the summer of 2016.  It was hand made in Portugal by ROQ International.  They are one of the leading innovators in textile printing.  We chose this machine over the competitors because of their many unique features that allow us to print amazing detail fast and effectively across multiple jobs each day.


If you have an upcoming print project, please give us a shout! We are ready to lend a hand and get things in motion. We come in to work each day excited to see what we can help with next.


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