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Step 1:

You have a project!

Do you have an event coming up?  Or a team that needs to get outfitted?  Or is there an idea you just need to get on people's backs?  Bottom line, you need it done and ideally without the headaches.

You submit the New Project form.  Our team will review the details of your project.  The more info you provide us, the better and more informative our response will be.  We will research things behind the scenes.  We may come back with additional questions.

Step 2:

Let's design and refine.

Whether you have a design ready to rock'n roll, or you simply have an idea - our team of experienced designers and ideas translators will help you make it happen.  Each order gets 1-hour of free design.  We'll refine your art and make it print-ready, or we'll take your idea and turn it into a great graphic to represent your vision.  You will also receive a mockup of your item for use on social media, order forms, your website or however it might be useful.

Step 3:

Pick products, sizes & quantities.

As your design gets rolling and finalized, we'll work with you to find the right product for your project.  A t-shirt is a t-shirt, but there are many options.  And there is so much more than t-shirts available to print!  We will help you find the right item, color, size breakdowns, and do this with your budget in mind.

Step 4:

Confirm dates & approve art.

Your artwork is ready for approval and your order has come together.  We have shipping info and timelines arranged.   It's almost time to press the GO button!

Step 5:

Payment -  Make Shirt Happen.

We will send you an invoice that will include all of your order info and design mockups.  Simply make a payment and our Production Team will kick into action.  The GO button has been pressed.

Step 6:

Setup & Production Time!

Your design will get translated into screen printable art.  Behind the scenes, we take the design, separate colors, mix inks, burn screens, and make the magic happen.  Garments are procured and it's time to print!  With your deadline in mind, we get moving and our machines start spinning.   This is our second favorite part of the process.

Step 7:

Quality Control & Packing

The product is hot off the press and our crew is constantly monitoring the production quality against your approved mockups and art files.  We count them up (we count in dozens, like bakers do!) and pack away in some fresh boxes, nicely labeled and ready to survive the next step.

Step 8:

Delivery or Pickup

This is our favorite part.  We send you some newly printed gear and they end up on people's backs. Send us photos, pretty please!  It really keeps the motivation and sense of pride high at our shop knowing our efforts make a difference.


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